Michael won Best of Breed 4 times so far in 2018.  He also received a Group 4 placement at the TerryAll Kennel Club Show in 4/2018.

Molly had back to back Best of Breed wins from the classes at the Buckhorn Valley KC Show in Greeley, CO in 10/2017.  She also received Group 2 and Group 3 Owner Handler placements and a Group 2 Bred By placement.

Riley became a champion at the Farmington, UT show in 9/2017.

Ellie, our first bred-by puppy, won Best of Breed 9 times so in 2017 and has won multiple Best Brace in Show with her litter mate Ruger.

Ruger won Best of Breed 14 times in 2017.  Ruger also won Group 2 twice in 2017 and several other Group placements and has won multiple Best Brace in Show with his litter mate Ellie.

Michael has won Best of Breed twice in 2017 and finished as a Champion from the puppy class in September 2017 at the age of 10 months.

Yasu has won Best of Breed once from the puppy class at 9 months of age and finished as a champion in September 2017 at the age of 11 months.

Our Maxwell received a Group 1 placement in Nebraska on 5/2017 and had 5 Best of Breed wins in 2017.

Maxwell was the face of the bulldog on the AKC website for all of 2016 ===> Click here

Big Thompson Bulldogs Achievements

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